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Employment Law

Employment Law focuses on protecting those that have been wronged by an employer. Employees have the right to be protected against employment and labor law violations. Employment Law protects employees that have been discriminated against, harassed or wrongfully terminated. You may have an employment law claim if your employer has violated the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Whistle Blowing laws, Wage & Hour Claims, and various other labor disputes.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

The skilled legal team at our office is happy to help when you have been injured in the workplace and have questions. If you are not receiving your benefits, give us a call! It is our mission to advocate for the rights of employees who have been injured at work by efficiently handling your claim and making sure you are getting the medical treatment you deserve!

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The Law Offices of Sandra H. Castro, Inc. is experienced in handling employment discrimination, labor law disputes, and wrongful termination claims. Our office will FIGHT to ensure that your rights are protected.

The law specifically provides protection from harassment or discrimination in employment because of the following:

Age (40 and Over), Ancestry, Color, Religion, Denial of Family & Medical Care Leave, Disability, Marital Status, Medical Condition, Genetic Information, Military & Veteran Status, National Origin, Race, Sex, Gender/Gender Identity/Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation.

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